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About Data Science Internship

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About Data Science Internship

About Data Science Internship

Data Science is a blend of mathematics, computer science, and statistical analysis. It is the process of applying mathematical algorithms and statistical methods to solve problems in data. You can be a part of this field if you have the right combination of mathematical aptitude, computer knowledge, and statistical knowledge. However, you will require guidance, and with the right help, you can quickly achieve your target, this is why Edyst has launched a Data Science Internship Program where you can work on real time data and learn about the ins and outs of Data Science.

Who Should Apply for Data Science Internship

If you want to be a data scientist, the first step is ensuring you have the right mindset. The data science internship will help you to attain the mindset and skills required to become a capable data scientist. Especially our experts at Edyst can teach you various skills, such as Python, Java, and other tools used within the data science industry.

Why You Should Choose Edyst for Data Science Internship

Edyst data science internship allows you to learn, experience, and gain confidence by exploring the field of artificial intelligence. The internship includes Skill Development, Financial Assistance, and Live Projects.

To ensure Edyst delivers upon the grounds above, it has dedicated a lot of time to creating an effective data science internship program to prepare candidates as per the industry demands. Besides, it has recruited and mentored the right set of experts and instructors who constantly work with data science enthusiasts to hone their skill sets in the subjects.

Skills You Will Get To Learn at Edyst Data Science Internship

At Edyst, you will learn and master all the essential skills required to become an able data scientist. The internship journey will give you confidence and boost your coding skills. To understand better, here is the list of skills you will learn with our experts at Edyst.

  • Interns will learn the basics of data science, Python and machine learning. Interns will be able to build and analyze data sets.
  • You can become a Data Scientist and get an internship or job with an industry-leading company.
  • You can learn new technologies and tools in a fun and interactive environment.
  • Training and hands-on experience in a complete data science project
  • The internship course focuses on solving real-life problems using data science. You will develop theoretical foundations skills and practical knowledge of data science and its application to solve problems related to business, administration, human resources, etc.
  • You will gain experience in diverse areas, such as anomaly detection, recommendation systems, and video sentiment analysis.

What You Will Get from Edyst Data Science Internship

After the internship, you will have gained the necessary knowledge to further your career. You can extend your understanding of computer science and data science, enabling you to make better career decisions in the future.

It can boost your career opportunities while widening your scope of skills. It is an innovative opportunity to learn data science with hands-on projects, which will help you get a head start working in machine learning and analytics.

Coincidently, the previous interns in the same batch as you had gone through different internships and even landed jobs after completing their respective internships with us. So, you can be sure that you are following in the footsteps of other successful students who have done well by completing their projects.

1. Verifiable Certifications

You'll get a certificate of participation from us to take away. The faculty member of your institute will give it just for showing up and having developed or learned something exciting and relevant to the industry. But if you worked hard and deserve extra credit, your institute might treat this as certification coursework.

2. Joining Letter

Join us at Edyst as we use data science to transform an industry and create the most trusted insights. You will work closely with our engineers, researchers, and business leaders to unlock deep insights on demand.

At Edyst, we look for data scientists with strong domain knowledge who can take their immediate toil and turn it into a practical solution. The internship will offer a hands-on learning experience where you'll work in a team, leading innovative projects and making real insights. You'll have full access to our cutting-edge software technology, including the latest R environment, machine learning libraries, data science technologies, and Big Data tool sets.

3. Internship Report (as per AICTE guidelines)

Our data science internship is an opportunity to work with a top MNC in India (AICTE accredited) to build deep data science and Machine Learning expertise by working on one real-world project under the supervision of an industry mentor. You will also have the opportunity to polish your soft skills, such as communication, presentation, communication skills, and team-building skills, through weekly meetings at work, online meetings, and mentoring sessions with your mentor and other interns who are also learning about data science programs. Therefore, we put complete emphasis on ensuring the internship reports are provided as per the AICTE guidelines.

4. Guidance on uploading projects to GitHub

We guide uploading projects to Github, which you can also find online. Projects should be formatted, organized, and ready to share. You can use Github's interface for this or click on the button at the top of the GitHub page to open a web page that lets you save projects without creating them from your browser.

As the project is uploaded to Github, you should check that things are working correctly by using the log and command lines. If your code isn't running correctly, you can use GitHub to show code issues or to work on specific problems as they arise. Still, if there remains any confusion or doubt, contact our experts for guidance on uploading your project to Github; I would love to answer it and guide you step by step.

5. Guidance on how to explain the project to the interviewer

We at Edyst guide how to explain your project to the interviewer. You will also get an exclusive session from our industry mentor to clear any doubts that may have hindered you while preparing your project.

6. Doubt clearing session

Our experts at Edyst conduct exclusive doubt-clearing sessions to ensure candidates who may have doubts can work together to attain clarity in any subject matter they are stuck with.

7. Exclusive guidance from an industry mentor

Be part of the future of data science and have a chance to become a data scientist. We'll provide you with exclusive guidance from industry mentors in association with data science professionals. Students who want to hone their data science skills should know that our Data Science Certificate Program offers a challenging curriculum with the support of industry mentors and our industry specialists. 

8. Improvise LinkedIn Profile

The Data Science internship is designed to help you build and polish your profile on LinkedIn, understand how to sell yourself better to meet your targets, and demonstrate greater resilience. After all, it would help improve your LinkedIn profile, and you must clear your doubts by discussing them with our industry mentor. At the end of the internship, we will conduct a survey to help us gauge your performance.


As mentioned above, Edyst prioritizes a good data science internship for all our candidates. Furthermore, you can always reach out to us for any clarification or knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some commonly asked questions about data science internships:

Q. Who should apply for a data science internship?

A. Students and candidates who want to pursue a career in data science can apply for a data science internship.

Q. Do Edyst provide mentorship for industry experts?

A. Yes, Edyst guides the industry mentors. It in itself has experts working with it to conduct data science internships.

Q. Why should you opt for an Edyst data science internship?

A. The primary reason is that Edyst works per the AICTE guidelines, which are essential to help candidates land jobs at the top MNCs.

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