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Do's & Don'ts of Virtual Interview

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Do's & Don'ts of Virtual Interview

A process of screening a candidate on various parameters and qualities, and deciding if they are the right fit for the position in the organization is called “an interview”.

From all the novel implementations that we have come across during the year 2020, Virtual Interviews have been transformational. We all are pretty much familiar with the traditional mode of interviews, but the virtual interviews kind of scare a few Early-in-career candidates, as they have just begun their professional careers.

If we have to say, interviews before 2020 — can be referred to as “Traditional In-person Interviews” and interviews after 2020 — referred to as “ Online Virtual Interviews”.

How are Virtual Interviews different from traditional interviews?

Virtual Interviews are the remote version of the traditional in-person interviews used for the selection process. We, at Edyst, believe, Virtual Interviews have reduced the stress of students as it covers their major concern of students who are insecure about being judged on their physical nervousness.

Exactly! We understand how nervous you feel, once you step into the panel room. But, in a virtual room, you can be nervous yet hide it under the camera and show your confidence in the way you answer.

Along with these, let’s know about some key points to keep in mind, before attending a Virtual Interview:

Do’s and Don’ts in a Virtual Interview:


Set the AURA! :

It’s indispensable to remember that we are about to present ourselves to the esteemed panel and have an elegant atmosphere around you to have the interviewer’s attention grabbed on you.

How can we set the AURA?

Have no doubt that appearance affects the start of the conversation, and it never leaves its importance even during a virtual interview.

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting, which enhances your video quality.
  • Make sure you have dressed appropriately.
  • Make sure you have a plain or a simple background on your video, to avoid visual disturbance to the interviewer.
  • Make sure you are that part of the house, which has the least noise around.

Learn to be Crunchy:

“Crunchy with words but not actions!” — Have the texture and taste in the very smallest bite into your answer.

Have Crispy and Crunchy answers for the questions asked:

Your verbiage and on-point answers intrigues the panel more than answers which are beaten around the bushes.

  • Put in all your ears to better understand the question and answer on-point.
  • Use appropriate vocabulary.
  • Shrink your lengthy sentences and make them crisp.
  • Reduce taking long pauses while answering.


Don’t neglect preparation:

NOTE: Preparation is the key to success.

The manifestation of being PREPARED:

  • Make sure you check your equipment well in advance, including all your essentials.
  • Make sure you have checked your internet connectivity without entertaining any last-minute problems
  • Make sure you understand the virtual meeting software that is going to be used for the interview.
  • Give it a try with your friend/ family by having a personal meeting on that same software, to get used to that environment.

A prepared mind always strikes us well in advance, about what not to do in any given situation. So make sure you are prepared and confident with all the major checks done for your interview.

Wishing you all the best for the new transformational VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS and may you attain success.

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