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How to Prepare for PP Role through HackWithInfy

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How to Prepare for PP Role through HackWithInfy

This article is mainly focused on the preparation strategy for the Power Programmer role in Infosys. Infosys gives employment opportunities to students through HWI for the role of Systems Engineer(SE), Systems Engineer specialist(SES), and Power Programmer.

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Power programmer/Specialist Programmer is an internal programmer of Infosys, who would work on the latest technologies like a Full Stack developer on their next-generation transformation initiatives. Infosys Power Programmer is something which looks for the competitive programming skills in the candidates. You need to be a good problem-solver and have a very good presence of mind.

To know more details on eligibility, syllabus, and pattern of HackwithInfy do check our previous article on How to Prepare for HackWithInfy Coding Competition?

How to Prepare for Hackwithinfy Examination?


The syllabus for HackwWithInfy coding round is not fixed. It is always recommended to solve the previous year's questions to get an idea of the pattern. The topics which you must practice are:

  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Backtracking
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Mapping Concepts
  • Array manipulation
  • String manipulation
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Bit Mapping and Hashing
  • Recursion and Heap
  • Divide and Conquer
Do check Edyst’s HackWithInfy Round 2 Practise Questions.

If you clear the coding round with at least 1.5 or 2 questions you will get an interview call for the SES role. For getting an interview for the Power Programmer role you must solve at least 2 or more coding questions. The topics which you may be asked in the interview are:

Data Structures and Algorithms

This is the most important section. The interviewer will expect you to have good problem-solving skills and strong command of Data Structures and Algorithms for the role.

They may ask you advanced-level coding questions in the interview. Some of the topics that are important

  • Revise all traversals ( Zigzag, In, pre, post, level, etc)
  • Sum of all subarray of an array
  • Reverse linked list
  • Find whether a loop in linked list
  • Find whether there is a cycle in graph
  • Implement AVL trees.
  • Coin change problem.
  • Heap Sort
  • Graph coloring Problem
  • Shortest path in graph ( if u don’t know implementation just tell them theory, Prim’s, and Kruskal)
  • Insertion and deletion in BST ( U have to write code)
  • All views of the Binary search tree.
  • Knapsack Problem
  • Water Trapping Problem


The interviewer can ask questions from core cs subjects like DBMS, OOPS, OS, Software Engineering, and Computer Architecture. It is always recommended to prepare notes as these are theoretical subjects and preparing notes helps in last-minute revisions.

Have a look at Edyst Webinar on HackWithInfy (HWI) 2020. The webinar consists of Important concepts to prepare for HackWithInfy Coding Round.

Questions on your Projects

The interviewer can ask for approaches for the project. Like, how you got the idea to make a particular project, what problems did you face, and how you solved it. Always prepare your project very well and be honest with your resume because most of the questions asked are from your resume only.

Try to prepare your project in the latest technologies like Machine Learning, React, etc. This will have a positive impact on the interviewer as the role requires learning the latest technologies according to the requirements.

Prepare your Resume well and be specially prepared for questions related to your Project.

“BELIEVE in yourself, and hope for the best.”

We hope you find this piece of writing helpful in any way possible.

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