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InfyTQ v/s HackWithInfy

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InfyTQ v/s HackWithInfy

This is one of the most common confusion which students face during their placement preparation for Infosys. Both InfyTQ and HackWithInfy exams have different patterns and both provide an opportunity for employment in Infosys. This article will discuss the differences between the two and the preparation strategy.

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Check Eligibility:

Registration for both Infytq and HackWithInfy is open to B.E./B. Tech/M.E./M. Tech students graduating in 2022.

Exam Pattern:


The InfyTQ examination for the Batch 2017–2021 was conducted in two stages:

1.Qualifier Round: This was a new round introduced by Infosys as a screening test for the final InfyTQ round. This was a mandatory test for attempting the Final Round. The Qualifier Round of InfyTQ Certification consisted of 40 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

2.Final Round: The Final round consisted of objective and hands-on questions that were required to be solved in 3 hours. The Final Round of Infosys Certification tested your in-depth knowledge of Programming and Database Management


HackWithInfy will be conducted in two rounds:

Round 1: May 5, 7, and 9, 2021

An online individual participation round on Infosys Assessment Platform.

Final round (virtual Grand Finale): July 2 — July 5, 2021

The 48-hour hackathon among teams and the Grand Finale hosted on Infosys Meridian.

The top 100 participants from Round 1 will compete in the four-day virtual grand finale in July 2021. The finalists will also get an opportunity for a pre-placement interview for the Power Programmer role at Infosys.

Have a look at Edyst Webinar on HackWithInfy (HWI) 2020. The webinar consists of Important concepts to prepare for HackWithInfy Coding Round.


The major difference between Infytq and Hackwithinfy is that Infytq is a certification exam whereas Hackwithinfy is a coding Hackathon. You need to be good at either Python/Java to get certified as an “Infosys Certified Software Programmer” via Infytq. For HackwithInfy you should have good coding skills to crack it.

Infosys offers three profiles through Infytq and Hackwithinfy.

  1. SE(Systems Engineer)
  2. 2.SES(Systems Engineer Specialist)
  3. 3.PP(Power Programmer).

Previously students had the opportunity to grab these roles through both of the exams. But this year there has been a slight change.

If a student who has registered for both Hackwithinfy and Infosys Certification opts for Upgradation Test via Infytq then the student’s performance in the Upgradation Test will be considered to determine the selection in Final Round.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q.1. Where will HackWithInfy 2021 be conducted? Is it an online or an offline event?

Ans. The first round will be conducted online on the Infosys Assessment Platform (IAP) and the Grand Finale will be hosted virtually on Infosys Meridian. Previously the coding rounds were conducted on coding platforms like HackerEarth or Hackerrank.

Q.2. Can I register for both HackWithinfy and Infosys Certification?

Ans. Yes, you may register for both, if you are eligible.

Q.3. How would we get intimation for the pre-placement interview?

Ans. Shortlisted participants for the pre-placement interviews would receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details.

Q.4. What are the minimum specifications of the laptop/desktop to be used for the final round?

Ans. Please ensure that the desktop/laptop computer you plan to use for taking the online test fulfills the following system requirements. Taking the test on a mobile or a tablet is not recommended.

  • i3 Core processor or higher
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Functional webcam.

Google Chrome browser version 70 or above with disabled pop-up blocker. Taking the test on any other Web browser is not recommended.

A stable internet connection with a minimum of 2 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed.

Uninterrupted power supply for the duration of the test.

Q. 5. Can I participate in both Upgradation(InfytQ) as well as the final round(HackWithInfy)?

Ans. Candidates who qualify for Upgradation Round in InfyTQ Certification Examination are not eligible for the Final round of Hackwithinfy because both offer the same profile.

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