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Most asked questions in an HR interview

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Most asked questions in an HR interview

It’s a common feeling of nervousness that everyone falls into when they have to go in for an HR interview. We all want to know, “How does an HR think?”, “How does an HR evaluate candidates?” and many more…

How about we talk through each one of them?

To start, let’s see some of the “Most asked questions in an HR interview”.

Every company conducts an HR interview, to test the candidate on his personality, verify your background, know more about your strengths and weaknesses, understand your capacity & analyze your way of approach problems. An HR interview is always in the last round of interviews and is nevertheless as important as any other interview round.

Here’s our attempt to sum up a few, “Most asked questions in an HR interview”.
We believe these questions are made with fresher candidates kept in mind and will be useful to every one of you.

1. Tell me about yourself:

This can be a tricky question to get right at all times, yet stands to the base you set for the rest of the interview.

How can you answer this question?

Understand the essence of this question. As the interviewer wants to know something about you which is not on the resume or at least a more detailed version of what is on the resume. A good answer to this question always comes from the ones who have prepared well in the foreground, about the company, and the interests of the company. Having adequate knowledge about the company and the role that you have applied for, gives you a wider option and helps you contextualize with the company’s services. Depending on the company and the role you have applied for, you need to show off your skills in the answer. This results in the interviewer knowing that you are capable enough to work with those technologies or that working environment.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Another question is where it is important to sound confident and optimistic, even while answering your negatives. Through this question, the interviewer wants to understand how aware you are of yourself. If necessary, they might also ask for steps that you implement to convert your mentioned weaknesses into something positive. This question is undoubtedly one of the most important questions to work on when it comes to freshers.

While mentioning your strengths, maintaining a level of confidence that does not create any second thoughts is necessary.

Nevertheless, while mentioning your weaknesses, it’s essential to check your verbiage, displaying optimism even that being a negative aspect of that.

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3. What are your goals?

Most of the freshers are expected to be asked this question. This helps interviewers understand how much value you can add to the organization and how far you will continue your journey with the organization.

Remember that your short-term goal has to be the crispiest one and your long-term goal explains your passion for the work or the industry you are starting your career in.

4. What motivates you?

It is a fact that we need a force to motivate us, and without which we end up not putting enough effort into the work that we take up. But, in this rapidly advancing world, we cannot wait for an external force to pat our shoulders and take us forward.

Every individual is expected to have a personal motivation for themselves, without being dependent on any external force. This explains that you are driven by yourself during work hours and put in your best self at the workplace.

5. Do you have any questions for me?

Take this as a chance to learn from the interviewer’s answer and never say that you don’t have any questions.

Here’s how you can utilize the opportunity:

  1. Ask about the interview process? (if there are any other rounds and so on)
  2. Ask about who they are looking for and how do you compare.
  3. Ask questions that can build a good relationship with the interview for the time that you have spent in the interview. This doesn’t solely help you get the job but stands as an initial step of building professional connections. If your conversation stands worth remembering, the interview might connect with you in the later part.

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Do not lose the opportunity of communicating with the interviewer in those last minutes of your interview, as they become the starting lines in your future conversations with the same person.

These were a few of the questions that were asked to early-professionals in their initial interviews. We hope this piece of writing has helped you understand the ways to answer those questions.

We would appreciate your efforts if you reach out to us if you find these questions useful.

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