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Must know about InfyTQ Interview Process

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Must know about InfyTQ Interview Process

This article will give you clarity on the interview process of the InfyTQ 2022 examination. After clearing the Qualifier and Round 2 of the Infytq examination you get a chance to get interviewed at Infosys on the same day. To know more details about the Qualifier and Final round refer to our article on How to Prepare for infytq examination”.

You need to score 65% or above in order to qualify for the interview round after which you can get an employment opportunity in Infosys. The interview is HR-based.

Few Tips for cracking Infosys HR interview:

  • Prepare your introduction well
  • Be well prepared with what you have put on your resume
  • Be prepared with generic HR questions like your strengths, weaknesses, Why do you want to join Infosys, etc.
  • Read about the Company and its CEO, Founder. It is always recommended to visit the company’s official website.
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This year the HR interviews were conducted virtually. Virtual Interviews are the remote version of the traditional in-person interviews used for the selection process. There is no update yet on whether the interviews will be virtual or not. You must be ready for both the results. Do read our article on Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Interview”.

After clearing the interview you are given the employment opportunity for a Systems Engineer role. Infosys also gives an opportunity for an upgradation Test from where you can grab a role for SES(Systems Engineer Specialist or PP(Power Programmer).

The upgradation Test is mainly a coding exam consisting of three questions. The cutoff varies according to the competition. Based on your performance you get an interview for either SES or PP role.

The interview for SES or PP is a Technical+HR type. You need to prepare well for cracking these interviews. The main things you need to prepare are:

1 . Core CS Subjects

  • Computer Networking, Operating Systems, DBMS, Computer Architecture, Basics of OOPS

2 . Coding / DSA

3 . Resume / Projects / HR questions

“When u r not practicing someone else is,

and the day you meet them u will lose”

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