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Resume Do's and Don'ts | Tips | Edyst

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Resume Do's and Don'ts | Tips | Edyst

A major handbook of all the interview questions that freshers are asked:

Every Early-Professional(Fresher student), is terrified of how the questions will be framed in an interview for every recruitment drive they appear. No matter how many interviews you have attended in the past, or how many you will attend in the future, this terror-struck heart never wants to hide and shows up on your face.

Did you ever realize, “YOU are the owner of the handbook that your interviewer frames questions from?”

Yes! You heard it right! Every candidate has his/her set of immediate questions that are generally asked in the interviews and that handbook is usually called your “RESUME”.

“A Resume is a formal document, which serves as a marketing tool putting out your capabilities to the person to who you present it.”

And an “effective resume”, drives the interviewer in the path that you have built, to tell about yourself. This is why we need to learn the importance of building an “Effective Resume”.

Here are a few DO’s & DONT’s you need to concentrate on while preparing your RESUME:


After better understanding the importance of a resume, we have cut down those into the following abbreviations.

Remember the word “FACTS”, whenever you start preparing your RESUME:


F: Being “FAIR”.

As an applicant, you are expected to be fair and affirmative about every word that you use in your resume, as the panel will be keen enough to know more about you. You need to hold the confidence within you to explain your RESUME line by line. Especially, while mentioning your numbers, eg: your academic percentages.

Being FAIR earns you one important point, called “TRUST”. And that helps you boost your confidence as you are certain about what is mentioned on the RESUME.

A: Be ready to “ALTER”:

Speaking from a creative point of view, a Resume also needs to fit the THEME of the role you are applying for. Being ready to alter, articulates your keenness in understanding the role. Therefore, understanding the Roles & Responsibilities of the position you have applied for, and focussing on those important points on your RESUME which are more suitable for the role, is the key.

C: Mention all your “CAPS”:

Here, CAPS indicates the achievements that you have held to date, and these are going to score a good number for you in the interview. Each of the CAP that you mention, will add to your personality understanding.

T: Show off your Technical Prowess:

Just like mentioning all your CAPS, always show how capable you are, in terms of your technical strengths. Anything that you are confident in answering without beating around the bushes, has to be declared on your RESUME.

S: Keep it “SHORT & SIMPLE”:

Resumes are preferred to be not more than one-two pages in their length.

“A hammer has nothing but a simple iron head and a wooden body, yet it hits hard and does the job right.”


Remember “FAD”, which explains what not to do while preparing your RESUME.


F: Format

Do not use any sorts of online formats or templates to make your RESUME look attractive. Using templates and different fonts or unnecessary bold highlights in a resume is not appreciated by the interviewer.

A: Ambiguous information

Do not have any ambiguous or vague information on the resume which makes the interviewer think you are beating around the bushes rather than talking on point, which indicates your under confidence and is going to affect you no matter how much credibility your resume has.

D: Disorganized Resumes:

Disorganized resumes always have a negative impact, visually. It is always preferred to have one single font style, with appropriate font sizes at relevant places and proper order of information that appeals to the interviewer to have a flow in his reading.

Follow these, “Resume Building Tips” in your resume and power yourself up with the confidence of having an EFFECTIVE RESUME”.

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